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Phrase of the week: as flat as a pancake

Today is known as Ash Wednesday in England and the day before Ash Wednesday is known a Pancake Day/Pancake Tuesday because we have the tradition of eating pancakes on this day. Some towns & villages even have pancake races! Our phrase of the week has therefore been inspired by pancakes today.


Example: The north of Germany is as flat as a pancake.


Meaning: We use this expression to describe things/areas which are VERY flat. Notice the grammatical structure "as flat as" - you can use the same structure “asas” to compare other things, for example: "as blind as a bat" or "as slow as a snail". The song "everything at once" by Lenka has a lot more examples "As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox..."

lady trying to cook pancakes but they have stuck to the ceiling

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